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How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Upcoming Anniversary: Helpful Tips by Brilliant Earth

With Brilliant Earth, you are one step closer to choosing the perfect gift for your upcoming anniversary! Follow the helpful guide!

Wondering how to choose the right gift for your upcoming anniversary and possibly surprise the love of your life? Regardless of your budget, we can assure you that you can find a gift that will impress your spouse. All you have to do is put some thought into the gift and follow the helpful tips by Brilliant Earth.

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Each year, your anniversary is a time to do something special for your partner and find something that will represent the love you feel for each other. We can all agree that giving your life partner a gift is a beautiful way to celebrate your love and your beautiful relationship.

Sometimes, it can be a real challenge to find the perfect gift for your anniversary. Although fine jewelry gifts are appropriate for any anniversary year, there are specific milestone anniversaries for which jewelry is usually given.

  • Year One – Celebrate the love and warmth you feel for your partner when thinking about your beautiful wedding day with a special gift of gold jewelry. As a touching way to symbolize your first anniversary is a gold bracelet or gold earrings for her or gold bracelet or maybe gold cufflinks for him. Another very sweet thing for you to do is engraving your initials on the piece of jewelry you intend to buy.
  • Year Two – Preparing to celebrate your two-year anniversary? That’s nice. As a traditional fine jewelry gift for your second anniversary is garnet. Brilliant Earth sources the garnets from Four Corners region of the American Southwest. Go through the beautiful collection of vintage jewelry and choose something special for your loved one.
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  • Year Five – An amazing idea for your 5th anniversary is a piece of fine jewelry featuring breathtaking and classic deep-blue sapphires. The color blue is perfect for both him and her and looks amazing for everyday wear. At Brilliant Earth’s official online store, the sapphires are available in almost any hue and they can suit different styles. The sapphires, Brilliant Earth offers are sourced from Sri Lanka, Malawi, and Australia and are definitely the best gift you can think of for your fifth-anniversary present.
  • Year Ten – Can you think of a better gift than a diamond ring, diamond necklace or diamond cufflinks for your tenth anniversary? A ten year wedding anniversary is truly something special and a perfect occasion for you to show your love and appreciation towards the love of your life. Check out the amazing collection of sophisticated diamond rings or elegant diamond earrings at Brilliant Earth and choose something special.


  • Year Twenty – Twenty years of marriage is a milestone that should be properly celebrated. One very special way to celebrate 20 years of love and respect is with emeralds which represent eternal love, happiness, and a good health. A few great ideas for emerald jewelry include rings, pendants, and earrings. Brilliant Earth can offer you emeralds on a remarkable Victorian design, Art Nouveau style, and much more.

There you go – the perfect guide and great tips that will help you choose the perfect gift for your upcoming anniversary.

Visit the online store and grab the best piece of jewelry and make the love of your life happy and delighted!

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